Let Our Children Play

Sports performances by our players are a matter of National Pride. In this age, National Pride is derived from soft power, centered on culture and history and  generated by performances and popularity in fields like Sports, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Business and even Spirituality.
In every field, interestingly, the performer / individual does not start the activity to achieve the pinnacle.  For some, it could be following a passion; for some, a means to express themselves and for some others, it could be just a means of livelihood. As they continue along this path, some of them grow to a stature where they are among the best or most popular in the world.  Performance at a high level is quite often a bye-product and not the main goal when you start.
 When it comes to ‘Sports’, we ask "Why only 5-6 medals in Olympics with a Billion+ population?". At the same time when it comes to kids playing a sport, a lot of parents ask “Will sports give any benefit to my daughter?”, "Will sports earn a living?”, "Will my son become a champion?”,  to justify their decision of not letting their kids play and instead making them engage in academics only.

We, as parents, are extremely encouraging about all mental pursuits of our children but 'How many of us are giving them healthy bodies to host their brilliant minds?’. We cannot function / think well during just a day of normal illness - imagine the effectiveness of our mind hosted in an unhealthy body.

The right question actually is  “How many of us are letting our children Play?” .
Movement is the first language of a Child and we almost muting them at an early age. When a large no of the children play, some of them will achieve excellence eventually. We cannot plan for medals.  Let each of us do what is in our hands - LET OUR CHILDREN PLAY - for our own selfish reason “to give them a healthy body” Medals will be a bonus.